Conference photos

May 21, Tuesday

Session 1: Iron based superconductors I (Chair: A. Kordyuk)

Session 2: Extreme ARPES I (Chair: M. Golden)

Session 3: Iron based superconductors II (Chair: M. Sadovskii)

Coffee break

Session 4: Good evening mix (Chair: I. Mazin)

Poster session

May 22, Wednesday

Session 5: ARPES of topological insulators (Chair: E. Krasovskii)

Coffee break

Session 6: Surface/spin sensitive ARPES (Chair: K. Rossnagel)

Session 7: Extreme ARPES II (Chair: C. Fadley)

Coffee break

Session 8: Electronic structure of novel compounds I (Chair: M. Lindroos)

May 23, Thursday

Session 9: ARPES on layered compounds (Chair: V. Strocov)

Excursion and Dinner

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