Workshop program

Mon Tue Wed Thu
08:45 Opening
09:00 Sadovskii Golden Rossnagel
09:30 Mazin Valla Monney
10:00 Grechnev Lindroos Evtushinsky
10:30 Coffee Coffee Coffee
11:00 Fadley Bianchi Khyzhun
11:30 Shen Kimura Sichkar
12:00 Zabolotnyy Krasovskii Closing
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00 Memorial Session Lamonova Ortega Excursion
14:30 Korshunov Strocov
15:00 Pogorelov Nikolaev
15:30 Coffee Coffee
16:00 Kucherenko Ovchinnikov
16:30 Registration & Reception Kuzian Yaresko
17:00 Gabovich Nekrasov
17:30 Supper Supper
18:30 Posters Round table / Posters Dinner
In PDF: Workshop Program and Book of Abstracts
May 21, Tuesday
8:45 Workshop opening
9:00-10:30 Session 1: Iron based superconductors I Chair: A. Kordyuk
9:00 Mikhail Sadovskii Talk by Mikhail Sadovskii Mikhail Sadovskii Electronic structure of iron based superconductors: pnictides versus chalcogenides and similar new systems
9:30 Igor Mazin at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Igor Mazin Igor Mazin Novel FeSe-based superconductors: where we are and what is to be expected
10:00 Gennadiy Grechnev at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Gennadiy Grechnev Gennadiy Grechnev Electronic structure and magnetic properties of LaFeAsO- and FeSe-based superconductors
11:00-12:30 Session 2: Extreme ARPES I Chair: M. Golden
11:00 Chuck Fadley at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Chuck Fadley Charles Fadley Hard X-ray photoemission with angular resolution and standing-wave excitation
11:30 Dawei Shen at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Dawei Shen Dawei Shen Probing electronic structure in novel engineered quantum states of matter -- in-situ ARPES studies of epitaxial 4d and 5d-electron oxides thin films
12:00 Volodymyr Zabolotnyy at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Volodymyr Zabolotnyy Volodymyr Zabolotnyy Ultra-low temperature ARPES on strontium ruthenates
14:00-15:30 Session 3: Iron based superconductors II Chair: M. Sadovskii
14:00 Karina Lamonova at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Karina Lamonova Karina Lamonova Electronic structure and peculiarities of the single-ion magnetic anisotropy of rare-earth ions in the iron oxypnictides RFeAsO (R = Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd)
14:30 Maxim Korshunov at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Maxim Korshunov Maxim Korshunov Spin-orbit coupling in Fe-based superconductors
15:00 Yuriy Pogorelov at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Yuriy Pogorelov Yuriy Pogorelov Impurity effects in ferropnictide superconductors: localization vs banding
16:00-17:30 Session 4: Good evening mix Chair: I. Mazin
16:00 Yuri Kucherenko at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Yuri Kucherenko Yuri Kucherenko The dual nature of 4f electrons in rare-earth intermetallics: ARPES view
16:30 Roman Kuzian at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Roman Kuzian Roman Kuzian Mechanism of temperature dependence of RIXS spectra in charge transfer insulators
17:00 Alexander Gabovich at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Alex Gabovich Alexander Gabovich Stationary Josephson effect as a tool to reveal charge-density-wave gapping in cuprates
18:30-20:00 Poster session Best Poster Award Committee: M. Bianchi, E. Krasovskii, I. Mazin
P01 Igor Nekrasov LDA'+DMFT scheme: A way to treat the double counting problem
P02 Anastasiya Lyogenkaya Electronic structure and magnetic properties of FeGe2
P03 Janek Maletz Unusual band renormalization in the simplest iron based superconductor
P04 Eugene Kushnirenko ARPES spectrum asymmetry as a hallmark of low energy renormalization in superconducting cuprates
P05 Michael Prokopovych Observation of birth of "ageing" effect in Bi2Se3 photoemission spectra
P06 Bohdan Ilkiv Electronic structure of hollow graphitic nanoparticles
P07 Oleg Khyzhun X-ray spectroscopy study of the electronic structure peculiarities of silicon nitride nanofibers
P08 Oleg Khyzhun Electronic structure of ZrTiO4, HfTiO4, FeTiO3 and MgTiO3 titanates: Theoretical calculations and x-ray spectroscopy studies
P09 Andrei Baranovskiy Electronic structure and exchange interaction in GdB4 compound
P10 Oleg Feya First principles calculations of atomic structure and physical properties of calcium apatites
P11 Lev Bekenov X-ray magnetic dichroism in the (Zn,Co)O diluted magnetic semiconductors from ab initio calculations
P12 Inna Plyushchay First-principles calculations of dislocation-oxygen impurity magnetic interaction in silicon
P13 Nataly Kurgan Isomorphic substitutions in the tetrahedral position of apatites and their influence on physicochemical properties
P14 Svetlana Smolyak Electronic structure peculiarities of disordered diphosphates of Mn and Co
P15 Volodymyr Vishniak Monatomic thickness Ag nanostructures on Si (111) surface
P16 Taras Radchenko Influence of correlation of impurities on conductivity in graphene
P17 Mykola Fedorchenko Gd and O depositions on Si(113)
P18 Sebastian Döring Resonant tunneling in novel type Josephson heterostructures superconductor-doped semiconductor-superconductor
P19 Sergey Sichkar Electronic structure, phonon spectra and electron-phonon interaction in TiB2 and ZrB2 pdf
May 22, Wednesday
9:00-10:30 Session 5: ARPES of topological insulators Chair: E. Krasovskii
9:00 Mark Golden at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Mark Golden Mark Golden ARPES investigations of bulk-insulating topological insulators
9:30 Tonica Valla at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Tonica Valla Tonica Valla Probing the Dirac electrons in condensed matter: Graphene and topological insulators
10:00 Matti Lindroos at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Matti Lindroos Matti Lindroos Dichromatic signal excited by circular polarized light surface state
11:00-12:30 Session 6: Surface/spin sensitive ARPES Chair: K. Rossnagel
11:00 Marco Bianchi at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Marco Bianchi Marco Bianchi Tailoring the electronic texture of a topological insulator via its surface orientation
11:30 Akio Kimura at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Akio Kimura Akio Kimura Probing spin textures of topological insulators by spin- and angle-resolved photoemission
12:00 Eugene Krasovskii at ES&ES 2013 Eugene Krasovskii Eugene Krasovskii Spin structure of non-magnetic surfaces by angle resolved photoemission
14:00-15:30 Session 7: Extreme ARPES II Chair: C. Fadley
14:00 Enrique Ortega at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Enrique Ortega Enrique Ortega Tailoring surface and thin film electronic states with curved surfaces
14:30 Vladimir Strocov at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Vladimir Strocov Vladimir Strocov k-resolved electronic structure by soft-X-ray ARPES: From three-dimensional systems to buried hetero-structures
15:00 Sergey Nikolaev at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Sergey Nikolaev Sergey Nikolaev The electronic structure within the norm-conserving cluster perturbation theory
16:00-17:30 Session 8: Electronic structure of novel compounds I Chair: M. Lindroos
16:00 Sergey Ovchinnikov at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Sergey Ovchinnikov Sergey Ovchinnikov Temperature and magnetic field dependent LDA+GTB band structure of LaCoO3
16:30 Alexander Yaresko at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Alexander Yaresko Alexander Yaresko Unusual magnetic properties of layered MCrS2 compounds
17:00 Igor Nekrasov at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Igor Nekrasov Igor Nekrasov LDA'+DMFT scheme: A way to treat the double counting problem
18:30-20:00 Round table
18:30 Alexander Kordyuk at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Alexander Kordyuk Alexander Kordyuk Complex electronic structure of iron-based superconductors as a key to high temperature superconductivity
May 23, Thursday
9:00-10:30 Session 9: ARPES on layered compounds Chair: V. Strocov
9:00 Kai Rossnagel at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Kai Rossnagel Kai Rossnagel ARPES on layered compounds: From millielectron volts to femtoseconds
9:30 Claude Monney at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Claude Monney Claude Monney Charge density wave phase in TiSe2: ARPES and excitonic insulator phase model
10:00 Daniil Evtushinsky at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Daniil Evtushinsky Daniil Evtushinsky ARPES on iron-based superconductors: leading role of 3dxz,yz orbitals
11:00-12:30 Session 10: Electronic structure of novel compounds II Chair: S. Ovchinnikov
11:00 Oleg Khyzhun at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Oleg Khyzhun Oleg Khyzhun Electronic structure of the orthorhombic and tetragonal phases of Tl3PbBr5
11:30 Sergey Sichkar at ES&ES 2013 Talk by Sergey Sichkar Sergey Sichkar Phonon spectra and electron-phonon interaction in HfB2
12:00 Closing remarks